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We are Professional engineers having  20 years experience in metal building systems industry Architectural /commercial stairs  and complete miscellaneous package for Commercial and Residential projects. (schools, churches, hospitals, walkways,canopies, apartments, etc.). We have working experience with clients from  USA ,Canada. Our Engineers are well qualified ,can independently evaluate ,select and apply standard metal building systems engineering techniques,procedures and criteria using judgment in making adaptation and modifications,able to correctly apply all major building codes and design and detailing standards like AISC,MBMA,AISI and ASCE as related to building loading and structural analysis. 

Our drafting checkers reviews work order form,design calculations,checks approval drawings,erection drawings ,shop details ,bill of materials,ensures that fabricator standard detail practices are followed,non standard details are made shop friendly. ensures shop limitations and shipping limitations.

Our quality control checkers controls major items such as BOM quantities complying with erection drawing requirements,correct color codes,complying with work order form.Completeness of all materials indicated in the work order form, member lengths,correct presentation of shop/erection drawings.investigate errors,evaluate the root cause and suggests control to prevent such errors being repeated.

We follow individual fabricator standards / drafting manuals / shop part marking systems.The key factors in our services to be considered are 

  • Outstanding industry experience.
  • Competitive Price.
  • Quality Control.
  • Strict Job Schedules.
We Provide complete engineering services to Metal building industry or can make following type of drawings individually.
  • Proposal drawings.
  • Approval/permit  drawings.
  • Shop fabrication drawings.
  • Bill of Materials / shipper list.
  • Erection drawings.